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Ferry Contact Engineering & Trading Co. Ltd.

Ferry Contact Ltd has been actively involved in the market since 1996. To provide high standard services to our clients, we have set up a constantly extending and continuously improving portfolio, to meet the ever increasing market demands. Five main activities of our company cover the decoration and manufacture of thin-wall packaging materials used in food- and pharmaceutical industries as well as in many segments of printing industry and the machinery and equipment used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries and the products used in the field of fluid and dust filtration.

From the early 2000s our products and services have been available regionally for a market of about 50 million inhabitants. Through our subsidiaries we provide high level local services. Our strategic goal is to offer a more and more complete range of products and service package representing high added value the possibly nearest to our customers. This aim is shared and supported by our suppliers, partners and colleagues as well. Our subsidiaries are present in Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia and Serbia.

We introduced the ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance system at our company years ago. To further improve our efficiency and reliable operation, this year, we have introduced the ABAS management system tailored to the size and demands of Ferry Contact.

Our five divisions provide the following services. We hope to greet you soon as a business partner of ours:


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Machinery for DECORATION technologies and background services:

    • Machines for the automatic sleeve application
    • Flat screen printing press, Flexo printing
    • High-performance dry offset machines for cup, tube and pail printing
    • UV lamps and curing systems, ballasts

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PLASTIC PROCESSING machinery and background services:

    • Plastic foil- and sheet extruders, re-grinders, recycling equipment and extruder filter screens (single or more layers, tailor made). Technical advising and spare parts even from own stock.
    • Thermoforming, vacuum- and pressure forming machines, blister packaging machines for plastic foils and/or sheets. The offered machines are supported by tool-design and tool-making shop, as well as technical consulting and spare part supplies (for machines min. 20 years old is guaranteed).

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Machines and background services for PRINTING INDUSTRY:

    • Up-to-date solvent-free printing inks and appliances, printers rubber blankets and optimisation of printing quality.

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FILTRATION technology and filter equipment for liquids:

    • We are able to offer a complete package of filtration technology including the products of the Swiss filter cloth manufacturing company, the SEFAR®.
    • We sell several hundreds of filter cloths also in rolls.
    • Should our Customer need ready-to-use i.e. tailored products we also undertake to supply the filter cloths for diverse filtering machines either using samples provided or produced after on-site survey.
    • We undertake to repair any used filtering technology items at our workshop in Budapest.

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