A green approach is important to Ferry Contact Ltd. The benefits of our digitalisation efforts are cost savings through less paper use. This saving is used for charitable purposes, through the employee charitable donation that has become a tradition in recent years.

This year, our employees have chosen to support the St. Martin's Children's Charity. Their highly trained child rescue teams, their unique pediatric emergency ambulances and their pediatric paramedic ambulances are a testament to their effectiveness, having helped more than 56 000 young children in distress over the last 25 years. Their foundation receives no public funding. It operates exclusively on 1% tax donations, corporate and private donations.

In addition to an operating grant, we have supported the work of the Children's Rescue Service with the purchase of a Nitrous Oxide Demand Valve. One of the most effective ways to provide on-site pain relief to young children who have been involved in an accident is to inhale nitrous oxide. The demand valve is a tool for safe and effective delivery.

We also assisted in the purchase of a Meber children's lap cot to safely extricate children injured in an accident, and provide stable restraint.

If you like our initiative and can support the work of the organisation, please do the same!

Further information is available here.