Plastic tray – carton paper combination with ILLIG HSU 35b type blister-sealing machine

Savings of upto 50% of plastic raw material can be reached with this brand new decoration process, where the plastic tray has an easily separable carton coverage. 

By this procedure the rubbish materials are more easily separable to cleaner recyclable paper and printing ink free plastic waste. 

HSU 35b is a compact, modular and stand-alone executed machine, which could be even a low budget, trial run equipment initializing the IML-thermoforming process.

It could be configured between 3 and 12 stations, and it can run at a maximum speed of 12 cycle/min. This means ca. 720 pcs/h output considering for instance the meat tray shown below with dimensions 190 x 144 x 50 mm. The sealing area is max. 250 x 280 mm. Depending on demand it can be equipped with more stations, since it is modular. But its novelty lies in the fact that, with this equipment it is possible to produce small serial products testing the market in a cost-effective way (e.g. IML-products).