Manufacturer of automated screen cylinder cleaners and deep cleaning chemicals. The Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) rewarded the professional award in 2016 for the best innovations to the high efficiency automated cleaning machines designed to keep the key flexo printing screen cylinders clean using special environmental friendly chemicals.


The AeroMaid automated screen cylinder cleaners are made in four different sizes corresponding to the flexo screen cylinder sizes. The smallest machine designed for narrow track use is suitable for receiving cylinders with maximum 1041mm long axis, while the largest ones can take in cylinders with even 2870mm long axis.

The unrivalled patented technology uses the possibly least chemical in the course of cleaning to break-up contaminations, then it removes invisible contaminations using compressed air from cylinders with even the densest screen without any mechanical damage to the cylinders. The process is fully automated, and to eliminate any operator-faults the machine uses sensors to detect the exact physical parameters of the cylinder then it sets the materials used and cleaning accordingly. With this method the cylinder is cleaned with the method most gently ever, the chemical use is minimized and you may avoid the abrasive mechanical impacts usually occurring in traditional deep cleaning processes and eventually extending the service life of the machine.



The EcoMaid cleaning agents contain environmental friendly, biologically degrading formulas which facilitate even manual cleaning of the screens. For different paint types it is available in UV resistant, water base and solvent based versions. The contamination deposited deep in cups can be removed easily to improve paint transfer remarkably.


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