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Company Introduction

NiTech Solutions is a leading authority on continuous processing. Its unique reactors and crystallisers revolutionise manufacturing in a wide range of industries including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food industry, and biotechnology.

NiTech’s simple, yet highly innovative continuous flow technologies meet today’s requirements for safer, greener, faster and cheaper manufacturing processes.

Several major companies are already evaluating NiTech’s technology as they seek to create competitive advantage in today’s fast-changing markets.

In association with our engineering partners, Alconbury Weston, we also offer a complete „manufacturing on a boardroom table” configuration. This comprises a fully integrated reaction, crystallisation, filtration and drying system for volumes from 200 kg to 2500 t per year. We are also able to offer further scale-up options by multiplying the number of units used.


NiTech was founded by Professor Xiong-Wei Ni and was spun out from the University of Heriot Watt, Scotland to commercialise its patented intellectual property in continuous oscillating baffle reactor (COBR) technology. The first production-scale unit (see picture on the right) was installed by global healthcare company Sanofi in 2007 at its Genzyme site in Haverhill, UK, where it still operates today.

NiTech’s technology was the inspiration for the Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Continuous Manufacturing and Crystallisation (see Picture below). CMAC was founded in 2012 by the UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and other major sponsors, and investment has since reached £84m (see picture below).



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