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PBSC has become one of the leading manufacturers of Clean Room, High Containment, and Material Decontamination products throughout the world. With an extensive product range, bespoke designs, and assembly capabilities, PBSC has grown of the years to meet customer’s needs with high-quality products and services within the Pharmaceutical, Medical Research, High Containment, and Hospital sectors.


An extensive product range Including everything you need for High Containment, Architectural, Material Decontamination, and Personnel Decontamination


Supporting the customer throughout the process continuing to meet the growing challenges and    striving for continual improvement with QA processes independently audited and updated on a regular basis

Everything You Need

PBSC’s extensive offering provides accurate assistance during project planning to consultants, architects, and end-users.

High Standards

Employing a specially trained team to ensure high standards to provide product installation, servicing, technical advice, product selection, and demonstrations.

We are creators, innovators, and industry pioneers


The PBSC clean room door sets, transfer hatches, pass-throughs, and vision panels within our architectural range are specially designed for use in cleanroom applications, minimal visible fixings, flush designs, and excellent scratch/wear resistance.


PBSC provide equipment designed and tested for the highest levels of containment. With references in many leading BSL3 and BSL4 institutes.  APR doors (both inflatable seal doors and mechanical crush seal doors), barrier hatches, dunk tanks, and ARP Glazing.  PBSC has developed a full range of equipment to suit all applications from BSL2 to BSL4, including specific designs to work with various building wall constructions.


PBSC’s VHP™ Material Decontamination Chambers & Hatches are available in various sizes from 1m³ to a large 40m³.  The chambers can be supplied with a range of options to ensure a chamber will meet a client’s needs, including industry-leading automation integration for Bio-Pharma facilities. Log6 cycle times are validated, repeatable, with GMP compliant monitoring to ensure successful cycles and operator safety. Cycle times from 30 minutes.


Specializing in both fogging (mist) showers and personnel air showers, solutions are available to clean personnel on entry or exit, along with encapsulation of API’s on the protective garments.  PBSC has extensive independent third-party testing on the efficacy of our fogging showers for specialist API facilities. A wide range of customized designs are available please contact for further details to see how these can best meet your needs.


PBSC delivers technologies and solutions which protect not just healthcare staff but also patients and their families.

High Containment

Typically used are water showers for operator clean down on the exit of the facilities.  Chemical showers are available for controlled wash down of operatives in full air suits.  PBSC’s products are used globally within facilities to ensure containment control globally.

Medical Research

Air showers are typically used to reduce the introduction of bioburden into the facilities, assisting clients to maintain accurate research trials, with standard or bespoke products installed into a range of different wall types.


PBSC is a world leader in operator safety when working with API’s, with solutions for both disposable and reusable suits.  With 100’s of units used globally in the pharmaceutical industry, providing clients with adaptable state-of-the-art equipment to best meet client’s needs.


  • Decontamination Chambers & Hatches
  • Inflatable & Mechanical Seal Clean Room Doors
  • Classic Steel & Glass Clean Room Doors
  • Phenolic Resin Clean Room Door Sets
  • Emergency Escape Panels
  • Fogging & Air Showers
  • Vision Panels
  • Dunk Tanks

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