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Expert of UV Inks and Lacquers

As a result of more than 150 years of research, experience and technological development, the name of Zeller+Gmelin is now more and more associated with high quality and reliability on the increasingly demanding printing ink market.

Zeller+Gmelin is one of the world's leading suppliers of radiation-curing printing inks and varnishes. For applications, whether it’s labels, moulded articles, metal printing, commercials, packaging and food packaging (low-migration inks and coatings), we offer a complete range of high quality and advanced printing inks and coatings, which have been proven in practice!


Analytical Laboratory

Zeller+Gmelin uses its own analytical laboratory that has been established specifically for development of low-migration inks, quality control of raw materials, and internal assessment of test samples. The analysis of migration-related ink properties is carried out with gas chromatograph (GC-MS), liquid chromatograph (HPLC-MS), and the related mass spectrometry.

Naturally, the low-migration ink series produced by Zeller+Gmelin are also tested and assessed by independent institutes.

This double verification provides the highest possible product safety to printing houses, customers, and end-users. It is proven by the results of numerous analyses that, by professional use of the inks, the specified migration limit of 10 ppb may be reached, and even exceeded (migration test – using 95% ethyl alcohol).



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