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Expert of UV Inks and Lacquers

Today, as a result of more than 135 years of research, technology, and experience, Zeller+Gmelin stands for exceptional quality and reliability on the ever more demanding market of printing inks.

Since the beginning of the 1970’s, the spring of UV technology development, Zeller+Gmelin has engaged in ink and lacquer technology. This has made the company one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of UV printing inks and lacquers Since then, the market of UV and IR drying inks has been sturdily increasing. Zeller+Gmelin offers a wide range of quality UV and conventional printing inks and lacquers developed by experts for the following market sectors:

  • Packaging

Plastic containers / flexible packaging materials / cardboard boxes

  • Labels

Self-adhesive labels / in-mould labels / shrink wrap

  • Advertisement

Direct mails (DM) / business letters / leaflets / business advertising media / brochures

  • Specialties

Specially developed printing inks for serial security and advertisement purposes.

Low-migration UV Printing Inks for Primary Food Packaging

Based on recent developments, Zeller+Gmelin has introduced a new generation of low-migration UV printing inks available for primary food packaging. In addition to high safety in relation to migration, the ink series has low taste and smell free attributes.

The Zeller+Gmelin low-migration ink series meet the requirements set for labelling and flexible packaging materials both on paper and foil carriers.

It is proven by analytical results that, by professionally appropriate use of the inks, the migration limit of 10 ppb may be easily reached (migration test – using 95% ethyl alcohol).

UV-Flexo Printing


Low-migration UV flexo inks for flexible packaging materials and labels.

UV-Offset Printing


Low-migration UV offset and high-pressure inks for general use on paper and foil. The ink series has been developed for high printing speed and features low odour formation properties.


Low-migration UV offset printing ink with optimal adhesive properties on non-hygroscopic media, especially in case of ‘problematic’ foils. The ink series has Nestlé approval.

Analytical Laboratory

Zeller+Gmelin uses its own analytical laboratory that has been established specifically for development of low-migration inks, quality control of raw materials, and internal assessment of test samples. The analysis of migration-related ink properties is carried out with gas chromatograph (GC-MS), liquid chromatograph (HPLC-MS), and the related mass spectrometry.

Naturally, the low-migration ink series produced by Zeller+Gmelin are tested and assessed by independent institutes.

This double verification provides the highest possible product safety to printing offices, customers, and users. It is proven by the results of many analyses that, by professionally appropriate use of the inks, the specified migration limit of 10 ppb may be reached, and even exceeded (migration test – using 95% ethyl alcohol).




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