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Zechercor Corrosion Protection for Aluminum Rollers

Corrosion is an important factor affecting the lifetime of anilox rollers. In the constant battle with contamination, there is often no other way than to use aggressive chemicals, but it is easy to see that these chemicals do not distinguish between tool and contamination. Even when used with the greatest care, they can damage and corrode an element of your cylinder. This corrosion is not only an aesthetic problem, it can soon have functional consequences for the operator, for example if the surface of the ceramic layer becomes uneven or is thrown off by a corroded cylinder body, or if the sealing ring on our sleeve cylinder no longer fulfils its role and chemicals get into the compression layers, destroying the centricity or balance of the cylinder. Many of these problems are difficult to detect, sometimes not even noticeable to the naked eye, but at the same time they are very costly to investigate when you consider the scrap produced and the time lost from production. Good corrosion protection therefore not only ensures the long life of our cylinders, but can also prevent other problems.

Increasing demand for optimized anti-corrosion systems in the past prompted Zecher to do some intensive research. The result is their innovative surface finishing that will arm your anilox rollers against avoidable corrosion damage.

Anti-corrosion process

Zecher equips corrosion-risk sections of the anilox rollers using a 2-component coating system with a defined layering thickness that is highly resistant to chemicals and abrasions. In addition, a lightly repellent coating surface develops thanks to its adjusted coating matrix with special filler particles. This means the coated component areas are less adhesive, therefore allowing for easier cleaning.

The Expoxy Resin Hardener System, which we are promoting here, is a temperature and chemical-resistant surface finishing that will give your anilox rollers a high level of protection against corrosion and abrasion on diverse substrates, even in aggressive environments. Alongside our Zechercor Corrosion Protection, we provide further surface finishings for your anilox rollers such as hard chrome Plating and I.T.S® roller finishing. Get advice from our experts on the right roller finishing for you!