Sampling device for high containment filter dryers 

Sampling is a crucial aspect of chemical production. It typically occurs during the final stages of a process, such as the drying phase. This activity allows operators collecting small portions of a product to test its characteristics and properties, thereby ensuring compliance with the desired specifications.

DeCoSystem presents: Multicap, the perfect aluminium and plastic closure quality control solution

MULTICAP is available in several versions, depending on the inspection task. The equipment can be installed at the end of the production line, in front of the final packaging unit. Depending on the configuration, it is suitable for the following inspection tasks:

INTEGRA® ISF the state of the art Form Fill and Seal machine for packaging food industry powder and granules

Haver & Boecker designed the INTEGRA® ISF as the next generation FFS to reach new heights when it comes to intuitive operation, performance, availability and cleanliness. The ISF version of INTEGRA® fulfills every performance requirement a customer may have.