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ILLIG Open Days, which had to be postponed many times due to the pandemic, was finally successfully organized on 13-14th October 2021 – while keeping all possible precautions.

The 19th in-house exhibition and fair took place in the headquarter of ILLIG in Heilbronn, Germany, presenting the most recent developments of thermoforming which – just like in the past years – attracted numerous visitors again: ca. 150-200 participants arrived from all over the world. During the Open Days the latest customer applications were introduced through 12 presentations and related live machine demonstrations, and an informative tour at the ILLIG Technology Center ITC with a modern packaging laboratory, getting all visitors up to date on the topics of digitalization, sustainable solutions, tooling systems, and the service offerings.

The following topics were presented on the in-house exhibition:

  • BFU robotic boxing filling unit
  • Modular HSU/HSA type blistering/sealing unit, even for full cardboard blister
  • Presentation of the new RDML 76 type IML machine, which is bigger, more efficient than the earlier RDML 70b, and able to handle even IML labels made of cardboard.
  • The new 5-pillar based viewpoint of packaging technology, such as: 
      • Reducing weight
      • Recycling 
      • Biodegradable materials 
      • Plastic-cardboard combinations and full cardboard packaging 
      • New materials like thermoformable papers for instance.
  • Exhibition of the bigger and stronger RDM 76Kb cupformer, which is able to process even 3,0 mm thick foil, producing even 255 mm deep cups.
  • Presentation of the RV 74d type thermoformer equipped with intelligent control and a number of brand new developments.
  • New service and maintenance concept at ILLIG, one tool of which is the hololens, besides many more.
  • Thermoformable papers, cardboards
  • Tool design and development
  • State of the art “UA g” series vacuumformers for thick plates with double preheater system, providing ca. double productivity, but with less energy consumption.
  • digitalization@ILLIG
  • Presentation of PreZero waste recycling company (part of Schwarz Group, just like Kaufland and Lidl) – collection, recycling, composting – in terms of the sustainable development.