IML-T® Designed with recycling in mind

Brilliant cardboard decoration with IML-T® Cardboard made by ILLIG

ILLIG Maschinenbau is leading the way once again by unveiling its innovative IML-T® Cardboard, a plastic-cardboard combination packaging, designed with recycling in mind. ILLIG engineers preserved what was good, fine-tuned the existing technology and added new improvements. This innovative application can be produced on ILLIG IML-T® machines. The advantage of the newly designed packaging, developed specifically for the new circular-economy market demands, is the reduction of plastic and simplified sorting for simplified recycling.

The IML-T® Cardboard application can be produced on existing ILLIG thermoforming systems with an IML unit. That means packaging specialists that already own an ILLIG IML-T® machine line can produce the new packaging without having to first invest in a new machine. All that is needed is a tool set with the required packaging design. The IML unit, which is connected to the thermoforming machine, extracts the cardboard labels with the pre-printed decoration on them from the magazine and places them into the forming tool's cavities before the forming process begins. The end product is a cup or tray with a fully new design concept.

Another advantage of the IML-T® technology is that it lets you use a different pre-printed label for each cavity, and changing production is also quick and easy. Combined with the high productivity typical of ILLIG thermoforming systems, production of resource-efficient and sustainable packaging is thus possible.