Plastic Industry

Our offers for the Plastic industry:

  • Machines and Technologies: sleeve machines and thermos-shrinkage tunnels, any sort of plastic foil and sheet manufacturing extruders and thermos-forming machines to apply pre-printed plastic decor sleeve labels on metal, plastic and glass products.
  • Production Infrastructure:  Metal filter inserts (one or multi-layered, point welded) candle filters, gravimetric feeders, magnetic separators, thickness gauges with automatic extruder aperture setting, dryers, crystallizers, feeders and re-granulators for extrusion, diverse tempering, cooling and grinding machines for thermoforming.


Foil and sheet extruders for even multilayer processing of PP, PS (every type), PLA, ABS, PET, PE, PA, PMMA, PC, EVOH, etc. Considering its operation mode the extruder can be “offline” – where the produced foil is reeled -, or “inline” – when the extruder is installed directly before the thermoforming line, to create a double production line. In this case, the thermoforming machine regulates its own speed rate by means of sensors corresponding to the extruder speed. (It is possible also in reverse order, but in general it is simpler this way.)

Our partner has developed the dryer and crystallizing systems to be installed in the PET production line offered, for these systems are the key to produce high quality, transparently clear non-fragile or non-tearing foil, even from 100% recycled base materials.


The latest generation of thermoforming machines are to produce packaging with the use of PS, PP, OPS, PVC, ABS, PET and multilayer foils.

  • Process control with process monitoring
  • IML thermoforming
  • Motion control system
  • A wide range of sorting systems
  • Cutting-edge tools

To meet the most diverse market demands, our partner has established and developed the following, currently operating 6 individual divisions:

  • Plane vacuum shaping up to 15 mm sheet thickness
  • Foil forming from reel, on-site cutting, primarily for round shaped products
  • Foil forming, cutting up separately, for trays and boxes
  • Skin- and blister packaging machines
  • FFS (forming-filling-sealing) machines for food industry
  • Production of tools for the own production

The 3G machines have been replaced since 2014 by the latest IC (intelligent controller) equipment with further developments to facilitate higher productivity, energy efficiency and more comfortable operation.

Manufacturers associated with the Plastic Industry:

  • Clever Machines: the construction of sleeving machines and tunnels for thermo-shrinking
  • Goldpack: strech wrapping machines, palletizin systems, robot palletizing systems, de-palletizing systems, pallet and pallet protective dispensers, conveyors
  • ILLIG GmbH: plastic thermoforming and shaping equipment using vacuum and / or compressed air
  • Rotoflex AG: Solvent based inks and varnishes from Rotoflex AG - Swiss standard, 40 years of experience.

Major references in Plastic Industry:

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