HOF Sonderanlagenbau GmbH.

Freeze Drying Machines

Pharmaceutical work requires observance of high quality norms and reliability.

HOF creates custom made freeze drying systems used in the pharmaceutical processes. The Company is constantly ready to react on any demands and the new challenges raised by the Clients.

A highly qualified and responsible team of expert service providers

By now HOF has had a staff of more than 160 employees. They are all highly qualified professionals with many years of experience in this sector. HOF also provides in-house training to its employees. Both in-house trainings and the external training courses play essential roles at the company.

HOF complies with the highest demands and norms

Highly sterile conditions and clean environment must be ensured for pharmaceutical processes.

It is a generally accepted requirement that the Company’s equipment must operate perfectly under any conditions to achieve the best performance with your valuable product. Hof is widely known for its highly effective and reliable performance as a business entity.

The products of the company and the services it renders always comply with the foregoing requirements and this compliance is constantly verified. That is why, the HOF standard represents reliability.

Specific Equipment and Appliances

Appropriately Lined Up Freeze Drying Equipment

The Company is specialised in the production of vacuum and freeze drying equipment for use in pharmaceutical processes, from the individual components to complex systems including the automated administering or dosing units as well.

  • Freeze dryer equipment for production processes
  • Automated dosing or administering units
  • Experimental freeze driers
  • CIP centres
  • Plasma freezer and thaw appliances
  • Conversion and modernizing
  • Automatic monitoring
  • Deep freeing mending
  • Nitrous deep freezing technology
  • Pipe conversion



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