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True End-to-End Solutions From Molecules to Final Dosage Forms

Dec provides innovative solutions worldwide for various industries where powder processing under strict and controlled conditions is essential.

From the raw material handling to the final product packaging process, Dec acts as a global player throughout the production chain. Customers benefit from comprehensive solutions from feeding reactors to the final drug production stage.

Containment Solution Technologies

Due to increasing legislation and better awareness of operator exposure risks, containment is a major concern for many industries. Latest regulations such as OSHA and REACH clearly indicate that hazards must be tackled at their sources and that exposure protection must be achieved by means other than personal protective equipment (PPE) and should be accomplished as far as feasible by control measures through engineering.
Isolators for sterile and HPAPI processing, downflow booths, mobile cleaning rooms, nuclear containment

Continuous Processing Technologies

In an effort to move away from conventional batch production and modernizing the global chemical processing industry,
continuous manufacturing (CM) is the common vision and desire with the potential to increase efficiency, quality and
flexibility in manufacturing.
Continuous flow chemistry solutions
Reaction - Crystallization - Filter Drying

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