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Packaging machines and lines for packaging in paper bags/paper packs in the food industry, typical weight range: 0.5 to 55 kg. Palettising systems. Typically for the milling industry.

For every type of dry product – we have the perfect solution!

FAWEMA packaging solutions

We can do so much more

We undertake to supply the best possible packaging machine for all free-flowing, dry products, whether powder, granulate or pieces. Backed up by our up-to-date know-how and many years of experience we are well equipped to meet your requirements for all unit weights between 0.15 and 30 kg with variable packaging feed and all customary types of closure.

The continuous exchange of experience with our customers keeps us informed not only of the trends in packaging technology but also of new product developments, their marketing and hence your sales-promoting presentation at the point of
With this ‘active’ production policy we are able to advise our customers on the implementation of the packaging process from the early stages of their product development. Be sure to make full use of this know-how and turn our technological advantage into your advantage in the market-place.

To FAWEMA, professional packaging technology always means “tailor-made”. If a product is to be packaged at all, it must be packaged “properly” – not “almost” or “more or less” or “maybe”. To FAWEMA, packaging therefore means “no compromise”, and this principle applies to our whole range of goods and services.

We are happy to rise to the challenges of other sectors, too.
Please give us a chance to prove ourselves!

FAWEMA packaging solutions



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