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Rubber Blankets for Use in Printing Industry

Printing Plastic Containers

Dry Offset Technology

Plastic containers (cups, tubes, pails) widely used for modern packaging need to be furnished with appropriate decoration to achieve the best sales targets by being the most attractive to customers in stores. To this end, considering direct printing, the rubber blankets must meet the most varied requirements depending on the printing machines used. By using a combination of Day’s rubber blankets and applying special two-sided adhesive lamination the rubber blanket has proven to be the perfect technical solution, may the optimal paint transmission, load bearing capacity, elasticity or thickness requirements be considered.

Day’s rubber blankets are globally known and renowned products in the fields of offset and dry offset printing, and they are undoubtedly market leaders in many areas of application, such as cup printing.

A combination of the Flint Group’s rubber blankets offers a solution for the achievement of high quality printing, for use with most types of containers, materials and inks.



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