Waste Processing Industry

Machines and technologies: Desulphurization of combustion gases in incinerating plants produces gypsum, which is then dewatered through vacuum belt filters or industrial centrifuges. We offer belt filters produced by the German BHS Sonthofen, and industrial centrifuges supplied by the English Braodbent Ltd. Loads of dust is produced in waste processing – we offer filters produced in our plant, purpose-made upon request.

Steam and gases, as by-products of industrial activities need filtering or neutralising somehow. The Italian company, the Polaris-Delta offers technologies to manage the emitted combustion gases and steams with the cryotrapping system. The solvents extracted by cryotrapping can be recycled with this technology.

Polaris-Delta offers technologies also for industrial waste water treatment with the use of the purpose-made distilling system.

The dynamic development of the waste processing industry derives directly from the rapid progress in packaging industry. In addition to the inevitable scrap or reject production loads of in-process waste is produced in packaging industry (it may amount to 30 to 40% of all the base materials used!). Needless to say that every manufacturer seeks solutions to keep this valuable material and recycle and reuse the scrap in production with the possibly lowest cost investment. With that a significant rate of cost is saved for base material is considered the highest specific cost factor – 70% of the product cost - in this sector of industry! Due to a constant need for cost reduction besides, not merely the waste and scrap produced in-house needs to be processed but also processing of the plastic industrial waste coming from elsewhere has also become more important. Diamat offers diverse solutions for this.

Manufacturing infrastructure: metal filter inserts, water flushed filter wheels with continuous operation, thickness gauges with automatic aperture setting, magnetic scrapers, grinders, dryers, crystallizers, feed equipment and re-granulators to process and recycle plastic waste, after thorough sorting, separating, cutting and washing.

Manufacturers in  Waste Processing Industry:

  • Thomas Broadbent & Sons Ltd: industrial decanters and filter centrifuges
  • Delta S.r.l.: industrial waste water treatment and combustion gas purification
  • Diamat: plastic recycling and reprocessing systems, such as PET bottle collection, crystalizing, post-dryer equipment facilitating further processing after primary processing. Since plastics degrade in the course of processing, use, and recycling, the polymer chains shorten when exposed to UV light and due to that the inner viscosity of plastic (IV value) is decreased and the lifetime shortens, therefore the primary objective in recycling is to hinder or stop this aging process to the extent possible, and potentially increase the lifetime and service life of plastics. Additionally, PET is a highly hygroscopic, water absorbing material, with molecules tending to interact with water. Due to the foregoing improperly prepared and inadequately processed foils will be spotty with air enclosures, and will become rigid and fragile, that is, it will become unfit for thermo-shaping. The crystallizing/drying equipment developed and produced by the Diamat assists to solve these problems, for it can reduce the moisture content of PET to 50 ppm. Other attempts (e.g. developments such as infrared dryer or vacuum cleaner equipment) have not yet proven satisfactory – or at least their effectiveness is arguable. When processing waste, or secondary base materials the use of appropriate filter inserts and magnetic scrapers or separators, and water flushed filter changing wheels ensuring uninterrupted operation is crucial. Diamat offers for these tailored solutions precisely fit to the intended tasks.
  • Goldpack: strech wrapping machines, palletizin systems, robot palletizing systems, de-palletizing systems, pallet and pallet protective dispensers, conveyors
  • Sefar AG: filter fabrics

Major references in Waste Processing Industry:

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