Vacuum Technology

Manufacture and installation of vacuum and/or compressed air forming equipment for the shaping of thermoplastics for a wide range of use in industry: e.g.: automotive industry, electronics industry, food industry, construction industry etc. The products can be logistic trays, blisters, boxes, caps or covers, air baffles, air ducts, refrigerator inserts, insert plates for floor heating pipes, or drain plates.

Manufacturers associated with Vacuum Technolgy:

  • ILLIG GmbH.: Vacuum and/or compressed air forming equipment. They are used for shaping diverse thermoplastics, in offline (receiving the material from the foil unreeling unit), or inline design (attached to an extruder). All these have their own advantages /disadvantages: in short, the offline design is more flexible, with more freedom in operating, but at higher price (for the cold foil needs reheating, and the pre-heating chamber and unreeling unit are requisite for operation), while the inline operation requires less investment all in all (the material received from the extruder is still hot, so no further treatment is needed).

Major References in Vacuum Technology:


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