Decoration Technology

The Decoration Division of our Company has undergone considerable advancements following the changes in packaging trends during the recent years. In addition to the agency of heavy duty UV dry offset printing machines the portfolio of the Division has been extended with the representation of sleeving, labelling and professional flexo printing machines suitable for the printing of packaging materials used by these machines.

Auxiliary Materials, Accessories and Equipment for Printing Industry

Full spectrum of ceramic and chrome raster cylinders, special composite and polymer doctor blades for flexo printing units and offset cleaning doctor blades are offered. Ink mixing machines and dosing systems.


Automatic sleeving equipment: linear and rotary machines for different applications and varied production rates.

Flat Screen Printing Machine

Flat screen printing machines working from rolls onto rolls, or from rolls onto sheets with modular expandable units: Flat Screen, Hot Foiling Unit, Flat Die Cutting Unit, Register Puncher, Sheet Cutter Unit, Laminating Unit, etc.

Flexo Printing Machines

Modular narrow track flexo printing machines with full servo drive, automatic pre-register, electric record storage, automatic tension control, quality control, A.B.S: (Air Blade System) with doctor blade system.

Cup & Tube Printing

Heavy duty dry offset printing machines using 6 to 9 colours for the printing of plastic cups, lids, tops or covers, square containers tubes /sleeves. Flexible, and modular expandable tube finishing units for round and oval tubes.

Pail Printing

Complete pail printing systems using 8 colours. These systems are suitable for the printing of oval, round and square pails alike, in a volume range of 1 to 30 litre.

UV Drying Systems

UV lamps and driers, ballasts for a wide spectrum of printing technology.

Manufacturers Associated with Decoration Technology:

  • Clever Machines: Sleeving machines and eat shrinkage tunnels. Sleeve technology is a relatively new and increasingly spreading decoration method primarily applied in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Thin, merely some 10 microns thick pre-printed foil soldered in tube and finally rolled is used to decorate cups /bottles/boxes. The sleeve machine unreels the foil and cuts it up at high speed and shoots the sleeve shaped decorating “label” pieces one by one onto the fed products and afterwards the sleeve gets shrunk evenly over the product while passing through a steam or electric tunnel. This technology is suitable for decorating both empty and filled product packaging alike. Beyond decoration this technology is also used for security technology purposes (as a cap-lock or pilfer-proof lock) or even for marketing/promotion purposes (e.g. to make a unit package of 2 or 3 products).
  • Day International GmbH: Rubber blanket used in printing industry
  • DeCoSystem s.r.l. : real time and offline quality inspection systems
  • Flexo Concepts: Wide range of cleaning technologies used in printing industry
  • Füll Systembau GmbH: volumetric and gravimetric dosing systems, dispensers
  • Illig Maschinenbau GmbH: IML (=in-mould-labelling, that is the formed cup is decorated in the course of shaping applying the pre-printed and cut label) technology is a relatively new technology of our partner engaged in thermoforming machine production – this technology facilitates the high speed and impressive decoration of round, or square products even on more than one side. The merely some ten microns thick label made of the same material as the foil forms a perfect union with the product surface in the course of forming. This technology renders possible the use of different decoration even in each cavity in the tool, depending on the design. Moreover, our partner has already have a reference where the IML-technology is combined with the FFS (form-fill-seal).
  • Lombardi Converting Machinery s.r.l.: Modern marrow track flexo printing machines, label converters and finishing machines
  • Ultralight AG: Development and production of UV-lamps
  • Rotoflex AG: Solvent based inks and varnishes from Rotoflex AG - Swiss standard, 40 years of experience.
  • Zeller+Gmelin GmbH: Expert of UV-paints an lacquers

Major references in decoration technology


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