Filtration Technology

As the exclusive representative of the Swiss Sefar ( company in Hungary, the Ferry Contact Kft. has worked using its world standard base materials and auxiliary materials. It has also been engaged in fluid and dust filtration.


We have offered numerous solutions for diverse fields of industry, relying on the wide range of the Sefar’s products, whether goods supplied in linear metre, semi-finished products, ready-to-used items, different auxiliary materials or accessories are concerned.


At present, with the Sefar’s authorization and using special purpose machines, we have produced the semi-finished and ready-made products at our ready-making plant in Budapest. To meet the ever changing customer demands and the advances of technology, in our ready-making plant we employ highly qualified and continuously trained staff. We endeavour to offer optimal solutions to even the most special customer demands, to this end we have improved our machine pool continuously.


In general, we produce ready-made filters and screens to be used in industrial filter centrifuges, Nutsche filters, vacuum belt filters, vacuum drum filters, vacuum disc filters and chamber filter presses. Dust filter fluid bags are supplied for dust filtration in fluid dryers, and filter bags are supplied for use in pocket filters. We offer HEPA filters and ULPA filters, optionally with filter housing, or as a LAF equipment with an incorporated motor.


We supply to the major pharmaceutical companies in Hungary, chemical facilities, representatives of the automotive industry and mills in food industry.

Futhermore we offer filter components and adhesive tapes for the medical, automotive, electronic, telecommunications, household and industrial appliance industries which can made from filterfabrics with special coats, non-wave textile and foam. Read more>>>

To improve our efficiency and enhance the reliability of operation, in 2006, we introduced the ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance system which was subsequently, in 2012, extended with the ABAS business management system tailored to our size and needs.


Our staff specialised in filtration technology are at your disposal with advising, designing, implementation or servicing. Send an e-mail or call us!

Manufacturers associated with Filtration Technology:

  • Broadbent: Vertical axis centrifuges with intermittent operation, centrifuges with peeling blade, decanter centrifuges.
  • Delta S.r.l.: Filter-dryers, horizontal vacuum dryers, vertical vacuum dryers for the pharmaceutical sector. Flaking drums for flood industry.
  • DrM AG: Highly automated fully closed filter systems with dry and wet discharge
  • Sefar AG: Filter components and screen meshes

Major references in Filtration Technology:


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