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Dust-free and aseptic solutions

With an experience of more than 25 years, Extract Technology is a leading UK provider of custom-designed solutions for isolating and aseptic applications primarily in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and chemical markets.


Extract Technology offers a wide range of standard solutions using the many years of experience of the company, they are however also aware of the fact that a specifically planned device may prove to be the best and only solution for certain applications.

If hired to assist in the planning phase, the “Extract pyramide”© can help in the isolation application by directing you to the available solution types.

In addition to the device, the company can provide for the entire installation, commissioning IQ/OQ validation, OEL testing, and a comprehensive operation and maintenance manual on an interactive CD-ROM.

The product range of the company includes:

  • Downwards flowing plasma isolation cabins: for preparing applications, sampling, feeding, and discharge. Glass cabins for operator safety in the Kilo labs.
  • Flexible and rigid curtains: To be used in downwards flowing cabins, to achieve isolation levels of <10µg/m³.
  • Feeding and sampling devices: Including cabins, airlocks, roller conveyors, changing rooms, etc.
  • Containment isolators: for applications such as feeding, sampling, grinding, and feeding to ensure an isolation level of 10µg/m³.
  • Aseptic isolators: for controlling sterility, filling lines, and other processes
  • Flexible isolators: for isolating strong compounds
  • Packaging systems and processes for primary isolation during product discharging
  • Laboratory desks and solvent cabins and other systems


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