Kurt Zecher Gmbh

Laser engraved special ceramic and chrome cylinders for use in flexographic printing machines and in offset varnishing or laminating plants


The most recent and the most special chamber geometries and surface treatment technologies are designed to improve transmission and enhance the quality of cover to reduce paint or ink consumption.

The first regular raster cylinder, for use in printing industry, was created by Kurt Zecher, in 1950. The young engineer’s innovation brought tremendous success and the company began developing dynamically. The Zecher Company is a firmly committed follower of innovation and quality principles. During the past 60 years the Company has gradually become a determining market leader in the sector.

Chrome cylinders has still been used both in printing industry and in the certain fields of the coating sector (such as furniture industry). The patented diamond engraving technology of Zecher ensure appropriate cup geometries with parameters most fitting the application concerned. The special surface coating and treatment ensure long service life of the cylinders.

The manufacturing of the raster cylinders with ceramic coating, overcoming all challenges in flexo printing, represents cutting-edge technology. The ceramic coating is applied by shooting by means of a high-performance plasma cannon on the profoundly worked surface of the composite plastic sleeve cylinder also with anti-corrosion treatment. Engraving is made by a beam of laser as a result of which a line density of over 600 lines / cm can be achieved. The state-of-the-art ink transmission is facilitated by the special geometry of cup design.


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