Grinding, granulation, drying

Grinding, granulation and drying are the most common functions to carry out in powder treatment technologies. In these fields, the Ferry Group offers numerous solutions for different sectors of industry, in particular, for pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

The German Netzsch-Vakumix GmbH has an entire portfolio for grinding technologies primarily for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors including the functions of grinding, homogenizing, dispersing, emulsification, rating and grain size adjustment. It has offered solutions both for dry and wet granulation technologies. Grain size is set in an unrivalled manner in nanometre range by the wet granulators. Refining the grain size for faster and more effective dissolving of the active agent is an aim to achieve by future pharmaceutical developments. The wet graining technology applied by the company is unique and unrivalled throughout the world, with a reference in pharmaceutical industry in Budapest.

The Diosna Company offers High Shear Mixers and Fluid Bed Dryers and Granulators, and entire production lines by combining the same. The Diosna’s high shear mixers are global leaders in pharmaceutical industry and also in food industry, while the fluid dryers and granulators, and graining production lines are also among the market leaders. Graining production lines prepare powders in pharmaceutical industry for tablet making.

In the course of base material production, crystallizing in reactors is followed by two essential functions, filtering and drying. There is an equipment capable of implementing both functions within one unit. It is the filter-dryer equipment, composed of a Nutsche filter installed in a pressure vessel, furnished with a heating/cooling mantel, and also carrying out vacuum drying with the use of the lifting/lowering and heating agitator blades. The Italian DCM Delta Company is a market leading manufacturer of this equipment, with over 30 reference projects in Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia. DCM Delta also manufactures vacuum tray dryers, vertical and horizontal axis dryers, fermenters, reactors and double tapered blenders.

Grain size setting plays an important role in powder treatment. Often micronizing equipment is used to decrease and set grain size. Jet mill is an equipment like that. The Italian company, the Nuova Guseo, a company represented by us, manufactures this sort of equipment units. When hormone and cytostatic preparations, or other powders with high active agent content are produced, this unit can be incorporated into an isolator that the Nuova Guseo can also manufacture. Another equipment typically used for setting grain size is the conical sieve, for which the Nuova Guseo has a reference project in Hungary. One of the most effective type of dryers is the tapered pulley vacuum dryer, used typically to dry still wet substances after filtering in an industrial centrifuge. This is also a standard equipment produced by the Nuova Guseo.

Vibratory shaker sieve is another example of equipment used for grain size rating of powders. Grain size rating of powders ranging from the minimum and maximum grain sizes takes place on two or more metal sieves positioned parallel and set in a sloping direction and vibrated by motors. The German Haver & Boecker GmbH company is a market leader in the production of vibratory sieving equipment.

Manufacturers associated with grinding, graining and drying:

  • Diosna GmbH.: High shear mixers, fluid graining and fluid dryer equipment. Film coating equipment for tablet production. Single pot mixer-graining-dryer equipment.
  • Netzsch-Vakumix GmbH: Wet grinders: pearl mills, horizontal and vertical axis disc mills. Dry grinders: fluid bed and steam jet mills and rating mills. Agitator and homogenising machines. Grinding balls.
  • Nuova-Guseo Srl: Tapered mills, sledge mills and jet mills. Horizontal and vertical axis powder mixers, dryers and pulley feeders.
  • Delta Srl: filtering and drying equipment, horizontal vacuum dryers and vertical vacuum dryers for use in pharmaceutical industry. Flaking drums to apply in food industry.
  • Haver & Boecker GmbH: Bag fillers, form-fill-seal, and valve bag technology, big-bag filler and automated pallet loading systems.

Major References in grinding, graining and drying:


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