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The right filling technology is the perfect interplay of product, packing material and machine. We deliver the right filling technology.

Filling and packaging technology for food, animal feed & pet food

The packaging line is a main part of your value added chain. Being supplied specifically for your product and your conditions, it provides many possibilities of saving costs and maximizing profits.

We supply the right packaging machine for each product, for each type of bag and for manual or automatic operations. Our goals are the optimum protection of your product, high weighing accuracies, high machine outputs and attractive bag shapes – and all this under consideration of modern food standards, e. g. GMP and HACCP.

BEHN + BATES valve bag filling technoloy

A lot of food and animal feed producers choose the valve bag due to its easy handling and its compact bag shape with high advertising impact. 

BEHN + BATES open-mouth bag filling technology

Optimum product protection and improved storage, high advertising impact, flexible filling volumes or simple opening and re-closing of the used bags – all these are convincing features of the open-mouth bag. 

BEHN + BATES FFS technology

Food and animal feed products will be packed into plastic bags more frequently in future as each packing company is keen on keeping its packing cost as low as possible. The FFS bag meets this requirement to a special extent.

BEHN + BATES big bag filling technology

In the logistics chain big bags are a cost-effective alternative to conventional bags. Of course, they must also allow quick and clean processing – goals that can be easily reached with our big bag filling station GWH.



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