GMM Pfaudler

GMM Pfaudler is a global leader in corrosion-resistant technologies, systems, and services for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and energy industry.

We are supported by our foundational legacy dating back to 1884. Today, our Branded Product Lines include PFAUDLER, NORMAG, MAVAG, MIXION, INTERSEAL, EQUILLOY, EDLON, and HYDROAIR, showcase our strength as a group, our capabilities, and our pursuit for constant innovation.

We can meet complex industry demands worldwide with an end-to-end solutions-oriented approach, a global footprint, and a perfectly integrated offering system.

A world leader in corrosion-resistant solutions, providing technologies, systems, and services worldwide for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and energy sectors. GMM Pfaudler is driven by 1800+ individuals across 4 continents and 16 global manufacturing facilities worldwide.



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