Most probably the conception of packaging is same old as homo sapiens. Of course at that time – and even during the next couple of thousands of years - the packaging was meaning rather to collect and carry something from A point to B point. This has been definitely changing in the last decades, the expression of packaging technology has been born and started to develop terrible rapidly. The role of packing has been slightly changed and multiplied. As originally it was only a “needed must”, or an unavoidable cost part in the production, now this is the most efficient marketing and service tool, communication media, shortly, packaging has been the symbol of the welfare or consumer society. The scale of applied materials and possibilities has been unlimited. The function and role of packaging has been changed and widen, almost the packaging is selling the product itself. Today the role of packaging has got crucial importance in the case of any product if it will be successful or will fail. Demands and requirements have also been changed from side of consumers and from viewpoint of technical-legal regulations.

Due to all of these the packaging technology has been a varied, complex, and creative activity, got sometimes even an art. Nowadays many-sided knowledge is demanded to find an optimum solution for a certain task of packaging: for instance knowledge of materials and technologies, ability to fit together current legislations, marketing, printing or logistical viewpoints, ability to find the right priorities.

On this even today rapidly developing field we provide a continuous, professional support for our customers, closely cooperating with our suppliers.

Manufacturers associated with Packaging:

  • Behn + Bates GmbH.:bag filling equipment and palletizing systems
  • Bolz Intec GmbH.: Manufacturing of KO. steel and aluminium drums, pressure tanks, transport tanks and agitators
  • Clever Machines:Sleeving machines and eat shrinkage tunnels. Sleeve technology is a relatively new and increasingly spreading decoration method primarily applied in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Thin, merely some 10 microns thick pre-printed foil soldered in tube and finally rolled is used to decorate cups /bottles/boxes.
  • DeCoSystem s.r.l. : real time and offline quality inspection systems
  • Diamat: plastic recycling and reprocessing systems, such as PET bottle collection, crystalizing, post-dryer equipment facilitating further processing after primary processing. Since plastics degrade in the course of processing, use, and recycling, the polymer chains shorten when exposed to UV light and due to that the inner viscosity of plastic (IV value) is decreased and the lifetime shortens, therefore the primary objective in recycling is to hinder or stop this aging process to the extent possible, and potentially increase the lifetime and service life of plastics. Additionally, PET is a highly hygroscopic, water absorbing material, with molecules tending to interact with water. Due to the foregoing improperly prepared and inadequately processed foils will be spotty with air enclosures, and will become rigid and fragile, that is, it will become unfit for thermo-shaping. The crystallizing/drying equipment developed and produced by the Diamat assists to solve these problems, for it can reduce the moisture content of PET to 50 ppm. Other attempts (e.g. developments such as infrared dryer or vacuum cleaner equipment) have not yet proven satisfactory – or at least their effectiveness is arguable. When processing waste, or secondary base materials the use of appropriate filter inserts and magnetic scrapers or separators, and water flushed filter changing wheels ensuring uninterrupted operation is crucial. Diamat offers for these tailored solutions precisely fit to the intended tasks.
  • Dividella AG: pharmaceutical packaging machines (ampulla, syringe, pen, bottle, etc.) top loading cartoning, “wallet packing”
  • Fawema GmbH: food industrial packaging machines and production lines for filling into paper bags and paper packaging, typically in the weight range of 0.5 to 5 kg. Palletizing systems. Especially for use in milling industry.
  • Flexo Concepts: Wide range of cleaning technologies used in printing industry. TruPoint™ squeegee blade is a cost-saving and practical alternative to the steel squeegee in flexo and offset printing. It is made of different plastic and composite materials, hence the TruPoint™ squeegee blade can have an even five times longer service life than the steel squeegee, and it can pass all types of printing ink and lacquer more efficiently. In addition, the TruPoint™ squeegee blade reduces the risk of scratching on the screen roller and is safer to handle than the conventional steel squeegee. All this means less servicing of the screen roller and less risk of injury (safer operation) to the operator. In case of newer printing techniques and the increasing customer needs it is important that the pressman chooses the right squeegee material in order to ensure the best printing quality and to minimise costs.
  • Goldpack: strech wrapping machines, palletizin systems, robot palletizing systems, de-palletizing systems, pallet and pallet protective dispensers, conveyors
  • Haver & Boecker GmbH.: bag filling, semi-automated big-bag filler and palletizing equipment
  • Illig Maschinenbau GmbH: thermo-shaping and packing equipment. As regards the use in food industry, in the case of this business partner, the starting point is that the base material applied for plastic foil production has already satisfied all requirements for use. Beyond that, the manufacturers of products applying the traditional thermo-shaping technologies (the clients of our partner) ensure the continuousness of strict food industrial production technology and the control thereof. Our partner ensures support in accordance with the regulations for special technologies (such as the FFS / form-fill-seal).
  • IWK Verpackungstechnik GmbH.: tube filler equipment, blistering and cartoning machines
  • Kurt Zecher Gmbh: laser engraved special ceramic and chrome cylinders, flexo printing presses, for use in offset lacquering and laminating plants
  • Lombardi Converting Machinery s.r.l.: Modern narrow track flex printing presses, label converters and finishing machines
  • Mediseal GmbH: blistering and bag filling production lines for pharmaceutical purposes
  • Pester GmbH.: stretch foiling for falt-sided cardboard boxes and case packing machines
  • Rotoflex AG: Solvent based inks and varnishes from Rotoflex AG - Swiss standard, 40 years of experience.
  • Zeller+Gmelin GmbH: expert of UV-paints and lacquers

Major references in packaging technology

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