Cosmetic Industry

Machines and technologies: tube filler and cartoning production lines and stand-alone cartoning, banding machines and case packing machines, grinding mills, homogenizing, mixers, fluid filling equipment, blistering, PET foil production line, sleeving equipment. Hygienic requirements are the same in cosmetic industry as in food industry. Our extruder-manufacturing partner, for instance, supplies equipment that produce plastic foil from 100% recycled materials suitable to get into direct contact with food. Foils blisters, boxes / caps are produced from these by means of heat or vacuum shaping. Our heat-forming machine manufacturer partner offers solutions, such as the FFS-technology (=form-fill-seal, when the product is filled into the blister/form directly after the vacuum shaping is completed /e.g. toothbrush, razors, home scents, or cosmetic creams, etc./ then the vessels are closed by foils or cartons soldered on). Sleeve-technology is also a relatively new, booming method of decorating, primary applied in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Thin, pre-printed foil soldered in tube and finally rolled is used to decorate vials/boxes. The sleeve machine unreels the foil and cuts it up at high speed and shoots the sleeve shaped decorating “label” pieces one by one onto the fed products and afterwards the sleeve gets shrunk evenly over the product while passing through a steam or electric tunnel. This technology is suitable for decorating both empty and filled product packaging alike. Beyond decoration this technology is also used for security technology purposes (as a cap-lock or pilfer-proof lock) or even for marketing/promotion purposes (e.g. to make a unit package of 2 or 3 products).

Manufacturing infrastructure: We offer a wide range of metal filter inserts (1-, or multi-layered, point welded), magnetic separators, dryers, crystalizing units, volumetric feeders, mixers for the extrusion of plastic foil, filling units, grinders and refrigerators, tempering devices for thermoforming, steam generators and hot air blowers for sleeve-technology, and vacuum pumps for all the three technologies mentioned above.


Manufacturers associated with Cosmetic Industry:

  • Clever Machines: sleeving machines and thermo-shrinkage tunnels, designed to be cleaned or maintained clean with ease, the transparent design satisfies all requirements in cosmetic industry. This technology is suitable for use with the most variegated shape, material, empty or filled products, may the determining criteria be the purposes of decoration, security or marketing. The Clever machines are available in a rather wide range, including the semi-manual machines for small-scale family owned manufactures with a production capacity of some hundred pieces /hour, just like the 4-head automatic machines with an output of 40,000 pcs/hour, offering a cost effective solution for more rather the large multinational companies.
  • DeCoSystem s.r.l. : real time and offline quality inspection systems
  • Feige Filling GmbH: drum filler, pail filler, can filler, container filler machines
  • Goldpack: strech wrapping machines, palletizin systems, robot palletizing systems, de-palletizing systems, pallet and pallet protective dispensers, conveyors
  • ILLIG GmbH: A wide range of blistering thermo-forming machines is available, including the small, semi-manual round table welder, with multi-level automating, and the high-speed 20-30 beats /minute capacity automated blistering machines and FFS (form-fill-seal) Products are still fed into the blistering units manually even in more developed countries (e.g. razors, home scents, etc.), but feeding by robots is also possible.
  • IWK Verpackungstechnik GmbH: tube filling units, blistering and cartoning machines.
  • Netzsch GmbH: wet and dry wipes, mixers and homogenizing units
  • Pester GmbH: case packaging and stretch foiling machines

Major References in Cosmetic Industry:

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