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Bag filler, semi-automatic and automatic big-bag filler and pallatizer equipment

Customer oriented products for the future generation

We are specialised in the filling of loose or scattering bulk materials, and we offer a wide-range of custom-built machines and plants for our clients engaged in the sectors of cement, building material, mining and chemical industrial.

Your requirements for higher capacity, higher grade automation, centralization, cleanliness, environmental friendliness, low emission rate and product protection are respected. Utmost attention is paid to cost effectiveness and ergonomic configuration.

HAVER Valve Bag Technology

Valve bag technology represents premium category and flexible packaging method with its great many versions and materials, for use in many fields of application.

HAVER Open Bag Technology

The TOPLINE machines are cost effective, user-friendly manual filling stations for open, flat and side-gusset bags made of paper, PE, PP r combined materials.

HAVER Form-Fill-Seal Technology

HAVER FFS systems are ideal for the grainy and granular products into plastic bags. These systems satisfy the requirements for profitability, high-standard product protection and long storage periods.

Big-Bag Filling

HAVER & BOECKER has produced filling and scaling systems for use with flexible packaging materials for over 20 years. With this long experience behind we are able to meet the requirements and challenges regarding the materials to be filled and packaging materials used.

Bag Movement

The pallet moving systems represent a time saving, flexible and fast IBC removal technology with high efficiency. Roller conveyors and pallet lifting equipment are available here – for the purpose of cover placement.

Bulk Filling

The HAVER truck-loading units including scaling systems are designed for the filling of bulk products. A high speed, time saving system can be established with the use of this HAVER technology combination.



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