Cleanroom Technology

Nowadays the use of cleanrooms and the related air handling systems in the pharmaceutical industry, in the production of microelectronic components and in hospitals is indispensable. Metaflex BV is the market leader in the production of cleanroom components, such as cleanroom hermetically closing automatic and semi-automatic sliding and swing doors installed ion cleanrooms.

We can offer complete cleanrooms and HVAC Systems. This includes the partition walls, suspended ceilings, floor joints, fan anemostats, cleanroom doors, and air handling systems, including the HEPA filters and air ducts.

Manufacturers associated with Cleanroom Technology:

  • Containment Technology: Production of HEPA filters, complete powder filtration systems even with containment solutions

  • Metaflex Isosystems B.V.: Sliding, swing, and fire-resistant doors for cleanrooms
  • PBSC Ltd.: delivers high-quality components for a controlled cleanroom environment. Since then, their product range has been gradually increasing, and due to the innovative design, they are present in the fields of pharmaceutical & chemical industry, as well as for biotechnology.

Major References in Cleanroom Technology:


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