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Expert of simultaneous dispensing

The plant of FÜLL Systembau is in Idstein, Germany. The company offers dispensing and mixing plants as well as compact dispensing machines for low to high viscous fluids from different industries.
Füll Systembau has a long history in designing and manufacturing gravimetric feeding systems.



Develop quality dispensers at an optimum price-value rate. Füll Engineering and Füll Systembau together cover a wide range of dispensing systems, from independent dispensers to fully automated plants, from standard units to custom-designed systems to the customers.


VX5 Simultaneous feeder

The compact VX5 simultaneous feeder, with its patented dual piston pump, has been designed partly for industrial and also for large-volume retail use. It is extraordinarily flexible and can be used even with the VX5 internal tin boxes, but can be connected to external tanks and gravimetric feeder systems.

  • Feeder unit: even up to 18, 24 or 32 components
  • The patented dual piston pump provides dual feeder speed
  • The pump output is max. 1.0 l / minute *) per pump
  • Smallest infeed quantity: 0.05 ml
  • Typical precision ± 0.5 … 1% *)
  • Automatic pump distributor, reduces wear by 80%
  • Integrated 5,10 and 26 litres stainless steel tanks
  • Replaceable, airtight tin boxes with click-connect connection system
  • Automatic servo-driven can lever
  • 100% support to the new UDCP **) standard, hence it can easily be connected to the external features and spectroscopic software applications
  • Supports other conventional protocols, such as Gretag, FLINK, etc. as well

*) Based on fluid-rheology and dispensed quantities

**) Universal feeder communication protocol


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