Printing technology

The Packaging Technology Division of the Ferry Contact Kft. has been present on the market actively for 20 years. For our customers, we have developed a portfolio ever extending and fashioned to meet the market demands.

UV drying printing inks has become commonly spread in the sector of packaging printing. Our company assists the Clients work mostly concentrating on this field, by offering a wide range of cutting-edge UV drying printing inks and printing machines, equipment, and consumables.

We have worked with the following partners in the field of printing technology:

Manufacturers working in the fields of Printing technology:

  • Füll Systembau-t GmbH: volumetric and gravimetric dosing systems, dispensers
  • Day International GmbH: rubber sheets for printing
  • DeCoSystem s.r.l.: real time and offline quality inspection systems
  • Flexo Concepts: Doctor blades made of diverse plastic and composite materials for use in flexo printing and varnishing technologies. TruPoint™ doctor blade is serviceable for a five times longer period than the steel doctor blades, additionally it removes any type of ink or varnish from the raster cylinder the most effectively. The raster cylinder will be less scratched and it is more safe to use than the conventional doctor blades. The raster cylinder will require less maintenance and the operator will be exposed to less risk of injury (safe operating).
  • Kurt Zecher Gmbh: Laser engraved special ceramic and chrome cylinders to be installed in flexo printing machines, offset locating and laminating plants. The most recent special cell geometries and surface treatment to augment transmission, improve covering and reduce ink consumption. The Zecher Company has been a renown manufacturer and a market leader in the sector for over 60 years owing to its commitment to innovation and quality.
  • Lombardi Converting Machinery s.r.l.: Modern narrow track flex printing presses, label converters and finishing machines. Lombardi is a prosperous Company developing extraordinarily dynamically to become one of the leading label press machine manufacturers since its appearance on the market in the 1980s with the application of technical solutions worth of attention and with references certifying the successful delivery of some 1300 machines (to 100 countries throughout the world). It has been engaged in the designing and manufacturing of narrow web flexographic printing machines (centrally or line positioned counter press cylinder design) since the 2000s contributing to the development of printing companies.
  • Ultralight AG: Development and production of UV-lamps. The company Ultralight AG has been active in the field of development and production of high quality UV lamps for over 30 years. Ultralight UV lamps are designed to meet the highest demands and are characterized by outstanding durability and maximum safety in manufacture. The products contribute to optimising overall cost through reduction of process downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Rotoflex AG: Solvent based inks and varnishes from Rotoflex AG - Swiss standard, 40 years of experience.
  • Zeller+Gmelin GmbH: The printing ink manufacturer, Zeller+Gmelin, celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2016. Due to ongoing researches, the latest technologies and long experience the Zeller+Gmelin has become a tradename to represent excellent quality and reliability on the printing ink market, raising ever increasing demands.

Major References in Printing Technology:

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