Comi Condor is a worldwide leader, in the production of centrifuges for solid/liquid separation in the pharmaceutical (API - Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, and HPAPI - Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), chemical and food industries. Filtration and sedimentation processes.

Comi Condor operates in more than 50 countries worldwide, with over 5000 centrifuges, providing not only innovative and customized products, but also the broad knowledge in solid/liquid separation: vertical top discharge centrifuges, vertical bottom discharge centrifuges, horizontal peeler centrifuges, inverting filter centrifuges.

We create and develop exceptional solutions, with high added value to suit all needs of our Customers.


Since 1920 COMI CONDOR has expanded considerably until reaching the current leading position in the Italian and world markets, in the field of discontinuous filtering centrifuges, for pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

COMI CONDOR has two plants; one in Settimo Milanese (Milano) and another in Santa Cristina (Pavia), with a total of around 75 employees.

The Settimo Milanese site includes the commercial, administrative, financial, purchasing offices along with the mechanical and electronic engineering departments

The Santa Cristina factory covers app. 6 000 m2, with a total site area of 25 000 m2.

The production site houses all the departments for the production, assembly and testing of the centrifuges.

The modern workshop, consisting of a welding department, cleaning and polishing, water jet cutting, machining department equipped with several CNC machines, allows a fully controlled production process of high-quality devices.

The advantages of producing all the parts inside our workshop are:

  • Authority of production times 
  • Supplies in a short time in case of need
  • Quality control (each piece is checked in all the steps of manufacturing; at the end of the production machines are controlled in every detail)

COMI CONDOR is one of the companies which produces a complete range of centrifuges. In particular: horizontal axis "peeler", inverting filter, vertical axis bottom discharge, vertical axis top discharge.

The actual number of COMI CONDOR machines installed around the world are more than 5000.

The software for process management is developed and produced completely internally, with the following advantages:

  • More flexibility in software development "tailored" to the customer
  • Any variants and software updates during the start-up and production, very quick and easy

The company is certified according to the international quality standard ISO 9001-2008 and has the certification for some products according to the ATEX Directive 2014/34/UE


Since 1920 the company COMI (COMI CONDOR nowadays) has expanded considerably until reaching the current leading position in the Italian and world markets, in the discontinuous filtering centrifuges’ field, for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry.

In 1959 the manufacturing of centrifuges under the name “CONDOR” started, with the valued contribution of Eng. Giuseppe Poma (previously production manager at "COMI").

In 1960 the first prototype of a completely hydraulically-controlled centrifuge, particularly suitable for hazardous areas, was produced, followed by the “Turbin-Matic” series with bottom discharge in 1962.

In 1964 the company COMI CONDOR was established and a new site in Settimo Milanese (MI) set up.

In 1972 the new Santa Cristina factory was opened, designed and equipped with modern workshops for the manufacture, construction and assembling of industrial centrifuges of various types.

Between the end of the ’80 and the beginning of the ’90 the production was concentrated on the manufacture of centrifuges, with special emphasis on cleaning and compliance with the cGMP requirements.

From the early 2000, the production of centrifuges for starch and chemical applications with baskets over 2 meters diameter was started (the biggest productivity in the world).

Today Comi Condor, thanks to their constant research and innovative designs, can provide modern/tailor made solutions in the solid/liquid centrifugation field, for customers all over the world.

Comi Condor is still a private limited company belonging 100% to the Poma family


The OEM spare parts ensure high safety and reliability of our machines.

The supply of the most critical components normally subject to wear are available in our warehouses.

Comi Condor staff is always available for the Customer’s needs in order to keep our centrifuges in the best operating conditions.


Many leading companies in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, have been using our centrifuges successfully for many years.

The following is a short list of the users of our centrifuges:


Comi Condor technicians are available for any customer’s technical need on both the centrifuge, and on the plant where the machine is installed and in service.

We also provide a remote tele-assistance service to solve any problem in any country and/or continent.

If a technical assistance is required on site, our technicians are sent as soon as possible (24/48h) to solve the problem and ensure reliable operation of the centrifuge.


Comi Condor maintenance service is organized to offer:


Through the visit of our mechanical, electrical and software specialists we manage and solve the problems that may arise on the use of the centrifuges;


The preventive maintenance ensures to reduce the downtimes and keeps the centrifuge at the highest levels of operability and efficiency. Comi Condor offers their customers "preventive maintenance plans" on an annual or multi-year basis. Good planning of the work is the best way to prevent unplanned downtime and unexpected costs;


We perform remote assistance on our installed systems for effective control of the problems and/or improvements that may arise in the use of the centrifuges. The remote support system enables to be always present in helping the client to identify any malfunctions that can be resolved successfully through a detailed analysis.


Centrifuges, during their life cycle, may require overhauls, retrofits that may involve partial and/or total renovations.

We offer in particular:

  • Mechanical update of mechanical units and/or of the complete centrifuges;
  • Upgrade of electrical and electronic equipment, according to current regulations; 
  • Updating of the control systems, for an efficient and effective use of the centrifuge in the plant.

Our technicians are also able to make overhauls/retrofits of centrifuges similar, from design and technology, to the COMI CONDOR’s ones.

In all these cases, the retrofit and/or overhaul works are carried out in our workshop. At the end of the works, tests are carried out to verify the centrifuge functionality. Documentation in accordance with current regulations is supplied; on request, validation documentation as required by pharmaceutical standards, is also available.


We provide rental of pilot centrifuges (inverting filter, peeling knife) to carry out tests both at the customer and at our plant. 

The tests are critical to select the most suitable centrifuge for solids/liquid separation.

The evaluation of the test results, coupled with a specialized software dedicated to filtration and optimization of the solid/liquid separation process, allows us to guide the Customer in choosing the centrifuge model and size that suits the Customer’s needs and productive expectations.

Our service engineers and our process engineers will provide the customer with all the technical support required, for the installation of the pilot centrifuges and for the execution of the tests.


Our engineers and technicians are able to provide training of the Customer’s staff for the following aspects:

  • Use of the centrifuge;
  • Optimization of the production process;
  • Inspection and maintenance; 
  • Automation of new processes; 
  • Update on new safety regulations

We are able to offer a "customized " training for the Customer's needs.


If the Customer needs spare parts, rentals, site service, repairs, renovation or modernization of centrifuges, Comi Condor is the ideal service partner for an all-round 360 degrees point of view.

Routine and preventive maintenance contracts, service at the customer’s, optimization of the plants: we are always looking for ways to reduce downtime and increasing production efficiency.

Comi Condor is one of the most important manufacturers in the world in the field of solid/liquid separation technologies via centrifugation




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