Pharmaceutical Industry

For the pharmaceutical industry we offer:

  • Machinery and technologies: packaging machines (blistering, cartoning machines, case packers, palletizers, tube filling, FFS and valve bag filling machines, liquid filling, and big bag filling machines) filter equipment, filter cloths in rolls or tailor-made, isolators and downflow booths, pharmaceutical washing, and sterilizing equipment, VHP generators, high shear mixers, granulation, fluid bed dryers, grinding devices, freeze dryers, automatic and semi-automatic fluid inspection machines. 
  • Manufacturing infrastructure: cleanroom technologies, aeration systems, clean/sterile water and steam (WFI, WFW, RO/EDI, sterile steam), dry and liquid ring vacuum machines and systems, pharmaceutical plastic, and aluminum drums, pressure vessels, split butterfly valves, and fittings.
  • Tablet-machine tools, pressure dies, and accessories from the USA. GMP and non-GMP tablet machines

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers:

  • AUDION Packaging Machines: manual and semi-automatic sealers, industrial vacuum sealers, shrink machines, vacuum chambers, tray packers, form-fill, and sealing machines, bagging systems, and fully automatic packaging machines
  • Belimed AG: GMP washing device, sterilizing cookers
  • Bioquell: VHP steam generator (hydrogen-peroxide) sterilizing premises and equipment
  • Bolz-Intec GmbH: steel drums, dishes, barrel washing equipment, pressure vessels, customized constructions
  • Charles Ischi AG: Offline and online tablet monitoring equipment (diameter, thickness, hardness, weight). Disintegration testers.
  • Chargepoint: split butterfly valves and fittings
  • Clever Machines: sleeve application machines and construction of shrinkable tunnels
  • Co.Ra srl: Pharmaceutical butterfly valves  and fittings, dust control and dust transfer systems
  • DeCoSystem s.r.l. : real-time and offline quality inspection systems
  • Delta Srl: filtering and drying equipment, vacuum dryers, filter funnels, emission reducer (cryogen systems)
  • Diosna GmbH: high shear mixers, fluid granulator, fluid dryers, film coating equipment
  • DrM AG: dry and wet discharging filters
  • Ehret GmbH.: isolators and hot air sterilizers
  • EnviroFALK PharmaWaterSystems GmbH: pharmaceutical water treatment systems (Reverse Osmosis RO/PW purified water, WFI distilled water, WFW, PS antiseptic steam)
  • Extract Technology Ltd: closed circuit powder treatment, downflow booths, flexible and rigid gloved isolators
  • Goldpack: stretch wrapping machines, palletizing systems, robot palletizing systems, de-palletizing systems, pallet, and pallet protective dispensers, conveyors
  • HOF Sonderanlagebau GmbH: freeze dryers and loading/unloading systems
  • IWK Verpackungstechnik GmbH: tube filler equipment and machinery, stand-alone cartoning machines
  • Kurt Zecher Gmbh: laser engraved special ceramic and chrome cylinders to be used in flexo printing machines, offset coating or laminating plants
  • Metaflex BV: cleanroom sliding doors and fire-resistant doors
  • Natoli: tablet machine tools, tablet machine components (e.g. Fette, Kilian, Manesty, Curtois, Korsch, IMA, etc.)
  • Netzsch Vakumix GmbH: the grinding & dispersing specialist, solutions for dry and wet grinding
  • Nuova Guseo: Vacuum dryers (tapered pulley and conveyor dryers), micronizers, conical refiners, cross-beater mills, homogenising equipment.
  • PBSC Ltd.: delivers high-quality components for a controlled cleanroom environment. Since then, their product range has been gradually increasing, and due to the innovative design, they are present in the fields of pharmaceutical & chemical industry, as well as for biotechnology.
  • Pester: stretch foiling for falt-sided cardboard boxes and case packing machines
  • Sefar AG: filter cloths, tailored filter components

Major Pharmaceutical References:

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