Food Industry

Machines and technologies: packing machines, vacuum machines, vacuum systems, and dust filtering. Packaging technology: bag filling machines (e.g. flour and sugar), valve bag filling, FFS bag filling and palletizing systems. Manufacturing and distribution of filter bags and filter components for use in industrial centrifuges, pressure filters, vacuum belt filters, belt presses, sieves and sieve bags for use in milling industry, etc.
Machines to produce and process packaging material getting into direct contact with foods, such as sleeve-machines, PET extruders, FFS thermo-shaping and filling machines.

Our extrude manufacturer partner supplies equipment that are suitable for the manufacturing of plastic foils getting into direct contact with foods and made 100% of recycled materials. These materials are used to produce with heat or vacuum shaping yoghurt cans, butter containers /covers, salad boxes, fruit/vegetable containers, or even egg holders.

In addition to the traditional machines our thermo-shaping machine manufacturer partner supplies solutions such as the FFS-technology (=form-fill-seal, i.e. the product /e.g. yoghurt, jam, cream, or salty sticks/, is filled into the cup /plate directly after vacuum shaping then the containers are covered by soldering the protective foil on the top), or the IML-technology (=in-mould-labelling, that is the shaped cup is decorated in the course of the shaping process, with labels cut to the appropriate shape and size) – which enable the fast and impressive decoration of round or rectangular containers on more than one side simultaneously. Depending on the design, this technology facilitates the application of different decorations even in each pocket or seat within one equipment. Moreover, our partner has already had references where the IML-technology is combined with the FFS technology. There are no limits to possibilities, perhaps, just imagination and the demands may confine the use of this technology. For instance, in Arab countries drinking water is a precious treasure. Tea and drinking water are packed there with the application of the FFS technology. Sleeve-technology is also a relatively new, booming method of decorating, primary applied in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Thin, pre-printed foil soldered in tube and finally rolled is used to decorate cups /plates. The sleeve machine unreels the foil and cuts it up at high speed and shoots the sleeve shaped decorating “label” pieces one by one onto the fed products and afterwards the sleeve gets shrunk evenly over the product while passing through a steam or electric tunnel. This technology is suitable for decorating both empty (e.g. yoghurt cans), and filled product packaging (e.g. beverages, or mustard bottles, etc.) alike. Beyond decoration this technology is also used for security technology purposes (as a cap-lock or pilfer-proof lock) or even for marketing/promotion purposes (e.g. to make a unit package of 2 or 3 products).

Manufacturing infrastructure: We offer a wide range of metal filter inserts (1-, or multi-layered, point welded), magnetic separators, dryers, crystalizing units, volumetric feeders, mixers for the extrusion of plastic foil, filling units, grinders and refrigerators, tempering devices for thermoforming, steam generators and hot air blowers for sleeve-technology, and vacuum pumps for all the three technologies mentioned above.

Manufacturers associated with Food Industry:

  • Behn + Bates GmbH.: bag filling equipment and palletizing systems
  • Broadbent Ltd. : Decanter centrifuges. Filter centrifuges used in sugar processing industry.
  • Clever Machines: sleeving machines and thermo-shrinkage tunnels, designed to be cleaned or maintained clean with ease, the transparent design satisfies all requirements in cosmetic industry. This technology is suitable for use with the most variegated shape, material, empty or filled products, may the determining criteria be the purposes of decoration, security or marketing.
  • Fawema GmbH: food industrial packaging machines and production lines for filling into paper bags and paper packaging, typically in the weight range of 0.5 to 5 kg. Palletizing systems. Especially for use in milling industry.
  • Feige Filling GmbH.: drum and can filler machines
  • Goldpack: strech wrapping machines, palletizin systems, robot palletizing systems, de-palletizing systems, pallet and pallet protective dispensers, conveyors
  • Haver & Boecker GmbH.: bag filling, semi-automated big-bag filler and palletizing equipment
  • Illig Maschinenbau GmbH: thermo-shaping and packing equipment. As regards the use in food industry, in the case of this business partner, the starting point is that the base material applied for plastic foil production has already satisfied all requirements for use. Beyond that, the manufacturers of products applying the traditional thermo-shaping technologies (the clients of our partner) ensure the continuousness of strict food industrial production technology and the control thereof. Our partner ensures support in accordance with the regulations for special technologies (such as the FFS / form-fill-seal).
  • IWK Verpackungstechnik GmbH.: tube filler equipment, blistering and cartoning machines
  • Nuova Guseo: Agitators or mixers, homogenizers, vacuum dryers, micronizing equipment and tapered mills.
  • Rotoflex AG: Solvent based inks and varnishes from Rotoflex AG - Swiss standard, 40 years of experience.
  • Sefar AG: filter and sieve fabric
  • Zeller+Gmelin GmbH: low migration printing inks in compliance with the food industrial standards

Major references in Food Industry:

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