Lyophilisation Technology

Lyophilisation or freeze-drying technologies are commonly applied in pharmaceutical and food industries when the aim is to preserve the crystal structure of the product maintaining the shelf life of the product durably for months even amidst extreme conditions (e.g. tropical climate).

To this end, the product is frozen on trays inside a pressure resistant or vacuum resistant equipment to 55oC below zero and under high vacuum level the sublimation takes place that is from the solid substance (ice) humidity evaporates and dry powder is left behind. Before use the physician adds fluid to the product and after shaking the original product is regained.

In the lyophilising equipment the product may be fed in bulk, or often, the product is charged into purpose-made glass vials capped with specific plugs.

In pharmaceutical industry often automatic loading and unloading systems (ALU: Automatic Loading / Unloading Systems) are used and, in the case of preparations with hormone content, it is combined with an isolator or the RABS system.

The German HOF GmbH is a market leader company in the designing and production of lyophilizing equipment, loading and unloading systems and Freeze-Thaw Units for pharmaceutical industry and bio-technology.

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