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The Belimed Group: Experienced and Successful

The Belimed Group has been a leading global company in the development, production and marketing of innovative systems for cleaning, disinfection and sterilizing in pharmaceutical, healthcare and laboratory sectors for over 40 years now. Optimal quality, excellent services and the Clients’ demands continuously in focus combined with innovative processes have fruited the progressive growth of Belimed. With its headquarters in Switzerland, the Belimed has a workforce of over 90 persons. Belimed has been represented in over 80 countries worldwide by a strong network of 12 Belimed companies and a great number of authorised partners throughout Europe, North America and China.
As a global leader in the area of infection control, Belimed has offered the most recent products specialised in cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing to the pharmaceutical, healthcare and laboratory sectors for 40 years now.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Cleaning and sterilizing are indispensable processes in pharmaceutical researches and production. Belimed provides complete product families that have always been one step ahead of the ever-increasing quality demands.

To the perfect satisfaction of your needs Belimed provides durable technologies

  • Cleaning appliances to be used in pharmaceutical  industry to reprocess glassware, hose, funnel, containers, porous loads etc.
  • Sterilizers to parts getting into contact with the products, containers, culture medium, syringes etc.


All under one roof – professional system solutions

We offer the principle of certified hygienic circular flow. Trust in our assistance during the installation of each zone in optimizing the three factors of hygiene, functionality and cost-effectiveness. We offer solutions tailored to capacity requirements and configured flexibly to meet future demands. You may rely on know-how and advice we represent in offering a wide range of products covering a full spectrum in infection control:

  • Automatic cleaning, disinfecting and drying units 
  • Heavy duty multi-chamber washer-sterilizer unit
  • Steam sterilizers with 1 to 18 sterile feeding units
  • Low temperature plasma sterilisers
  • Combined gas/steam sterilizers with 4 to 8 sterile feeding units
  • Automated charging and discharging systems for washer-sterilizer units and sterilizers alike
  • Software for the fully monitored processing and operating
  • Wide range of cleaning agents
  • Custom-built stainless steel furnishing with all accessories



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