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UV Lamp Development and Production

UV light is used for a variety of applications in modern industry. Whether it is drying paints, varnishes or disinfecting water or air, you can be sure that we will provide the best solution.

The headquarter of Ultralight, which specializes in UV lamp development and production, is based in the heart of Europe, Lichtenstein. With over 45 years of experience in the field of UV technology, Ultralight is an acknowledged producer of supreme quality UV lamps.

Ultralight lamps are reliable, have long life, and provide maximal process security. The overall costs might be minimized by reducing the process downtime and maintenance costs.

By choosing Ultralight, you benefit from:

  • Fast and effective inquiry process
  • Short delivery deadline
  • Competent technical support
  • Customized solutions
  • High-quality products

Ultralight AG has been certified with ISO 9001 since 22 July 2003.

Main Product Groups:

UV Disinfector

It has long been known that UV-C radiation has a germicidal effect, the energy of these waves are triggering a chemical reaction in nucleic acids and proteins that ultimately kills microorganisms. This is also a danger to all living cells, direct UV radiation is harmful to health thus should be avoided and kept under control. Our disinfection devices are based on the above mechanism of action, and can be classified three types: -the UV cabinets for smaller objects, - running water disinfection equipment is used for swimming pools, - air disinfection devices are used for disinfecting the air in closed rooms.

UV-C air disinfection device

The UltraAIR product line effectively fights microorganisms, bacteria and viruses found in the air.  UltraAIR products exert the germicidal effect of UV-C in a closed box in which they actively circulate the air of the room. In this way, the dangerous rays do not reach the living beings in the room, they only harm the microorganisms present in the air. The air flowing through the device becomes 99.99% germ-free due to the radiation.

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UV oxidation

Sewage from industry, sewage dump stations, ground water, and filtered-through water contains dissolved toxic components which naturally degrade only over a long period, or not at all. Ultralight technology proves to be a real problem free alternative: oxidation of organic matter by ozone and hydrogen peroxide using UV.



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