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UV Lamp Development and Production

The headquarter of Ultralight, which specializes in UV lamp development and production, is based in the heart of Europe, Lichtenstein.

With over 30 years of experience in the field of UV technology, Ultralight is an acknowledged producer of supreme quality UV lamps.

Ultralight lamps are reliable, have long life, and provide maximal process security. The overall costs might be minimized by reducing the process downtime and maintenance costs.

By choosing Ultralight, you benefit from:

  • Fast and effective inquiry process
  • Short delivery deadline
  • Competent technical support
  • Customized solutions
  • High-quality products

Ultralight AG has been certified with ISO 9001 since 22 July 2003.

Main Product Groups:


With ballasts, you can save time, reduce material costs, electricity costs, and set-up costs, and also your lamp will be more reliable, as ballasts can improve its efficiency.

Phaser Evo

Phaser Evo has been developed with special attention to cost effectiveness and economical operation. Its ideal areas of application are UV-Curing, UV-Disinfection,UV-Oxidation, as well as other special uses.

The well-arranged connection solution enables easy brightness control with conventional analogue signals (current or voltage) or potentiometer.

In addition, the PHASER EVO can be equipped with a freely configurable bus interface that allows modern digital connection with all common bus protocols.

UV Measuring Devices

s the intensity of the UV lamp sufficient for an optimal UV-curing? Take control over UV lamp control! Ultralight has designed a measuring device that makes controlling very simple. This can improve process efficiency.

UV Disinfector

Natural UV radiation is fundamental for life on Earth, however, artificially generated UV radiation has the opposite effect on microorganism in drinking water. The UV water disinfecting unit developed by Ultralight consists of a stainless metal radiation chamber which contains the UV radiator in a protecting quartz tube.

UV Oxidation

Sewage from industry, sewage dump stations, ground water, and filtered-through water contains dissolved toxic components which naturally degrade only over a long period, or not at all. Ultralight technology proves to be a real problem free alternative: oxidation of organic matter by ozone and hydrogen peroxide using UV.


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