Goldpack Packaging Systems


Goldpack is located in Slovenia close to Maribor.

The main profile of the company is to provide end-of-line packaging solutions according to customer needs. The strength of the company is flexibility, as it is necessary to adapt to the constantly changing market needs.

Goldpack can provide the following solutions:

  • semi - automatic stretch wrapping machines
  • automatic stretch wrapping equipment
  • stretch wrapping equipment integrated into the conveyor system
  • traditional palletizing systems
  • robot palletizing systems
  • de-palletizing systems
  • pallet and pallet protective dispensers
  • conveyors

Palletizing systems are suitable for palletizing any product, some examples:

  • bucket, barrel, pail
  • cardboard box
  • bags, sacks
  • bailed products
  • building material

Why do we recommend Goldpack products?

  • Quality: We use only the top quality components for our products. Our solutions are focused on providing high-quality packaging systems and great value for our customers.
  • Reliability: We invest large amount of effort and time in all production phases: research, planning, testing, production and after sales activities. This helps us ensure high efficiency and reliability of our systems.
  • Innovation: At Goldpack, we were a pioneer in developing new technologies that are now established in packaging technology. We constantly invest in new technologies and this allow us to offer new solutions to our costumers. As a result, we are at the fore front of packaging technology development.
  • Service: After sales activities and constant access to professional advice, are high priorities at Goldpack. We are committed to resolving potential issues in the shortest amount of time. As a producer of own packaging solutions, we are in advantage as spare parts are instantly ready for delivery in exceptionally high percentage of cases.
  • Warranty: Goldpack was one of the first global producers of packaging technology to extend warrants for its products from 12 to 24 months. We also offer extended 3 years and even 5 years full warranties. With this we show our dedication to manufacturing high quality products.
  • Individual approach with flexible solutions for every customer

Project approach:

  • Strict quality control in all phases of production, according to ISO 9001
  • Built-in parts from leading manufacturers
  • Professional customer service
  • Cost optimization
  • Planning in 3D simulations
  • Use of advanced technology

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