Metaflex Isosystems B.V.

Clean Room Push, Opening, and Fire-resistant Doors

More than 30 years’ experience as leading expert in conditioned room buildings. Building cooling and cold stores are areas of specialization at Metaflex, as well as sky domes, clean rooms, and operating rooms.

Metaflex is the most reliable partner when there are more requirements to be met regarding regulating temperature and air pressure. Metaflex is the only insulation producer which develops, manufactures, and also installs all processes and products at the company, while providing ready-to-use solutions. Moreover, it employs technical specialists who can realize customer specific preferences and put them into service while satisfying every need.

Food Sector

  • Push doors
  • Automated
  • Fire-resistant doors
  • Revolving doors
  • Swing door


  • Non-hermetic doors
  • Hermetic doors

Clean Rooms/Laboratories

  • Revolving doors
  • Push doors
  • Fire-resistant doors


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