Water treatment

Pharmaceutical water preparing systems:

  • Purified Water: Purified Water and Reverse Osmosis systems (PW / RO/EDI)
  • Distillation Systems: Water For Injection (WFI)
  • Pure Steam: Purified Steam, (PS)
  • Manufacturer: Letzner Pharmawasseraufbereitung GmbH
  • References: Richter Gedeon, Egis, Ceva

Letzner is one of the most prominent manufacturers of pharmaceutical reverse osmosis equipment, distillation systems, and pure steam generators in the world. Purified water (PW), water for injection (WFI), and pure steam production to the highest quality level by Letzner. All systems are in accordance with the latest requirements of Ph. EU, USP, EC-GMP and FDA. The quality of purified water, distilled water, and pure steam is guaranteed at all points of application.
Production plants, tanks, and piping are made specifically for the pharmaceutical industry without joints and of stainless steel 316 L


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