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Since 1985 Valves and systems to control and dose powder and granule flow in Pharmaceutical and Chemical industry

Certification and traceability

Our products are all traceable to guarantee you the highest quality


CO.RA. sanitary powder valves have been specifically designed for solid handling products targeted for the pharmaceutical, fine chemical and food and beverage industries. These valves are designed for cleanroom and hygienic applications. The polished surfaces and quick dismantling features allow for easy cleaning.

HR Crusher

The Crusher breaks hygroscopic products that tend to pack, such as sugar, salt, silicates, chemicals and food in general. The fast rotation of special blades through a fixed grid determines the shredding of the lumps into smaller parts. The crusher system can be placed in product loading and or discharging pipelines for the emptying/filling of drums, bins etc..

Dosing Systems 

With his extensive experience and trustful partners CO.RA. can provide tailor made solutions to solve dosing, weighing and packing needs.

Lifting Systems 

Fixed and mobile solutions for sterile environment can be engineered for a variety of purpose: lift to load, lift to rotate, lift to project, always observing the highest pharma standards in terms of safety and cleanability.



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