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K.o. Steel Fittings for Use in Pharmaceutical Industry

With 25 years of professional experience behind, the CO.RA.® is an ideal partner offering a wide range of products, from the components to pipes for chemical/pharmaceutical industry for use in SOLID HANDLING systems. The CO.RA.®, as a brand, has gained the customers’ trust, during the past 20 years when the Company has supplied its products to some of them.

Flexibility and creativeness are the features that most distinguish the Company’s production process in addition to the supply of high standard, market leader and first and foremost customised solutions, and on top of that it provides personalised assistance to its Customers. The staff is composed of 40 employees, researchers, technology designers and engineers, and those responsible for customer relations. CO.RA.® is specialised in the links and interface systems between machines A and B, with a continually extended know-how on the most diverse pharmaceutical processes it is involved in.

The company designs and manufactures tanks and the related accessories, ensuring the homogeneity of the production process and applying the GMP CO.RA.® drawings additionally it develops and manufactures the products, it recommends to be integrated in the production line, guaranteeing by this the high level integrity of its products. The process, starting with the system development, is managed by the same group of engineers from the beginning to implementation, integrating constructive solutions during the designing phase.

Thirty years of experience in the field of solid handling in pharmaceutical industry guarantees the supply of products satisfying even the strictest norms (FDA, ATEX), while designing, development and the production process are completely “Made in Italy”, more precisely in the plant located in Altopascio. The staff with its 25 years of experience and the integrated activities enable the CO.RA.® to have its own, in-house know-how in the field of solid handling, offered to pharmaceutical partners as effective and adequate solutions.


  • valves
  • butterfly valves
  • feeder valves
  • conveyor systems



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