Priemyselné odvetvia

Our solutions in the different industries

We have manufacturing technology and professional solutions for most industries. Choose the field which interests you most and browse between our solutions.

Polygrafický priemysel

Flexo printing machines, label converting and finishing machines. UV drying paints, rubber blankets, UV drying systems, printing materials.

Farmaceutický priemysel

Machinery, technology, manufacturing infrastructure, engineering consultation, servicing.

Priemysel pre spracovanie odpadu

Vacuum belt filters and industrial centrifuges for flue gas desulphurisation, and filter fabrics for dust filtering and liquid filtering.

Kozmetický priemysel

We offer the cosmetics industry tube-filling and cartoning lines, “stand alone” cartoners, strapping machines, multi-cartoners, grinding mills, homogenisers, mixers, liquid-filling machines, thermoforming machines, PET film making lines, sleeving machines.

Plastikársky priemysel

Sleeve applicator machines for the automatic application of preprinted decorated sleeves on plastic, metal or glass products, steam shrink tunnels, plastic foil and sheet manufacturing extruders and thermoforming machines.

Potravinársky priemysel

We offer the food industry primarily packing machines, vacuum machines and vacuum systems and dust filtering solutions.


Chemický priemysel

State-of-the-art machines and equipment, filtering technology, cutting-edge technologies and know how. Unique needs, unique solutions.

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