Powder Filling

Packaging of powder products manufactured in chemical industry and building material production is made into 25 kg and 50 kg sacks or big bags, or are transported bulk loaded in trucks. The market leader Haver & Boecker GmbH offers solutions for this with references from BorsodChem, TVK and the Nitrogénművek (Nitrogen Works).

Conforming to food industrial standards and criteria the same equipment are offered by the Behn + Bates GmbH., with excellent references from the Hungrana and Agrana groups at regional level.

Occasionally, pharmaceutical powders are filled into bottles. Filling typically occurs in volumes ranging from some millilitre to 1 litre bottles. Such bottle filling machines are produced by the Italian Steriline Srl Company, near the Lake Como. The Steriline is capable of manufacturing even combined production lines, where fluids and powders are filled into bottles on the very same production line. We have a reference work of this kind implemented in Pliva, Croatia.

In pharmaceutical industry, powders are filled and stored in rustproof vessels and drums. Bolz Intec GmbH produces this sort of drums.

The Italian CoRa Srl Company offers solutions for the dosing or dispensing and conveying of powder products. The CoRa produces market leading pharmaceutical butterfly valves and dosing valves. The company also undertakes to manufacture pharmaceutical IBC containers.

Manufacturers associated with Powder Filling:

  • Haver & Boecker GmbH: Bag filling equipment for FFS and valve sacks, big bag filling machines and production lines, and truck loading stations for chemical and construction industries.
  • Behn + Bates GmbH: Bag filling equipment for FFS and valve sacks,big bag filling machines and production lines for food industry.
  • Steriline Srl: Powder filling production lines for pharmaceutical industry.
  • Bolz Intec GmbH: Production of rustproof and aluminium drums and fittings for pharmaceutical and food industries
  • CO.RA. S.r.l.: Butterfly valves, charging valves for Pharmaceutical industry, powder handling and conveying in closed system between equipment units.

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