The UltraAIR product line effectively fights microorganisms, bacteria and viruses in the air. UV-C radiation has long been known to have a germicidal effect, the energy of these waves are triggering a chemical reaction in nucleic acids and proteins that ultimately kills microorganisms. This is also a threat to all living cells, so direct UV radiation is harmful to health. UltraAIR products exert the germicidal effect of UV-C in a closed box in which they actively circulate the air of the room. This way, dangerous rays do not reach the living beings in the room, they only harm the microorganisms present in the air. The air flowing through the device becomes 99.99% germ-free due to the radiation.
UltraAIR is available in three different sizes and performance to fit the volume of ambient air in the room you want to treat.


Recommended application according to room air cubic meter with efficiency of 88-80%:

UltraAIR S 45m³ – 300m³
UltraAIR M 75m³ – 550m³
UltraAIR L 300m³ – 1,200m³

Thanks to its compact and purposeful design, UltraAIR products can be easily installed almost anywhere, suspended from a ceiling or mounted on rack, without the need to remodel the room. The UV lamps used are long lasting and energy efficient.

UltraAIR systems can be used to effectively neutralize airborne pathogens indoors where many people pass by, or are present continuously. Some obvious areas of application are: customer waiting rooms, hospitals, educational institutions, restaurants, shops, production units, offices.