Dear Customers, Partners, and Principals,

We at Ferry Contact Kft and all the affiliates of the Ferry Group are considering and adopting most of the relevant safety steps recommended by the national authorities and WHO (World Health Organization) to protect our Clients, Suppliers, and Employees from the coronavirus (Covid-19). 

We are aware of the critical epidemic situation that has outbroken with a new epicentre which is shifted from China to whole Europe and the number of detected and undetected cases of coronavirus infections is rapidly and exponentially growing. Furthermore, we have experienced the uncertainty this has resulted at our customers, principals, and partners. Based on the new circumstances, we at Ferry Group inform you that our companies maintain our activities and continue the business, even if our team started to work partly from home office as much as possible, partly we have introduced 2 shifts in our production facility.

Ferry Group is working electronically as much we can and we are taking all necessary measures to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Here are some measures that we are doing in this critical period to slow down the spread of Covid-19:

  • We have advised our employees to avoid face-to-face meetings as much as possible, preferably meeting via video conferencing, Skype, Microsoft Teams and Viber. Personal meetings are allowed in very special unavoidable and urgent cases and only after approval of the management
  • All the trips abroad have been suspended
  • We have required from our employees to refrain from traveling and participating in any events where a larger number of people may gather.
  • We have improved the cleaning procedures and sanitization of our production areas and offices.
  • We have provided hand sanitizer available on all of our office floors.
  • We are continuously monitoring employees who have travelled either privately or for business reasons outside of the country since the beginning of the Covid-19 cases and we order 14 days’ home quarantine after returning from abroad.
  • We at Ferry Contact provide electronic invoicing and recommend to all of our customers and suppliers to accept electronic invoices instead of the conventional printed invoices and by this also reducing the risk of viral contamination
  • We still make our service engineer available for any troubleshooting, service and repair activities in case of urgent requests, however, we provide the necessary protective tools to our engineer (facial mask, gloves, gown, etc.).

We are available for any questions or clarifications that you may have and encourage you to contact us for any further details. 

Team of Ferry Group