Ferry Group Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary


Ferry Group announced its 25th anniversary on 1st April 2021 as a multinational, full-service provider, consulting, trading, and manufacturing firm.

Ferry Contact was established by Mr. Ferenc Arany-Tóth, a Hungarian mechanical engineer who possessed 20 years of experience in the same industrial field prior to starting his own company. Ferry Group began its activities on 1st April 1996 as consulting and trading company “Ferry Contact consulting and trading Ltd” in Budapest, Hungary focused primarily on industrial solutions for food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. In 2001, Ferry extended its services providing own production of custom-made tailored filter elements for industrial solid-liquid separations and powder filtration tasks. At the same time Ferry Contact expanded its activities by manufacturing special printing inks for food-packaging solutions.

In the years between 2001 and 2007 Ferry has established its sister companies in Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, and Serbia providing services for a population of over 50 million inhabitants, covering Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, North-Macedonia and Kosovo. As of today, the group consists of 7 companies: Ferry Consulting s.r.o., Ferry Print & Packaging s.r.o., Ferry Contact Kft., Ferry P&C S.R.L., Print Consult S.R.L., Ferry d.o.o. and Ferry Trade & Consulting d.o.o.

Since its foundation in 1996, the group has been increasing its staff continuously, reaching 35 well-trained employees up to the present. The represented companies also form an utmost important role in the company’s activities providing industrial machines and solutions to its customers.

Ferry Group has experienced exceptional growth and development over the past few years. Moving forwards, our focus will remain on offering customized industrial solutions, filtration systems, printing and packaging solutions, delivering production and packaging equipment and industrial infrastructure as turn-key projects from beginning to end to our clients. We have significantly developed the production infrastructure of printing inks and filter elements in the past few years. This includes industrial solutions for 7 key industries, own production of filtration and printing products, and after-sales services including on-site support, repair, and maintenance by own service engineers for our customers.

The quality of cooperation is guaranteed not only by our suppliers but also by our advanced ISO quality assurance and ERP systems, which is justified by our satisfied customer base, which dates back decades and is constantly expanding.

We hope to welcome you among our partners soon!