Getting ready for winter frost

We need to ensure that the products are stored properly in all seasons. Winter and summer are particularly important.

Therefore, we recommend the following storage conditions for printing inks and accessories:

the optimal storage temperature is 20°C. Higher storage temperatures reduce their shelf life.

Pay close attention to protect paints and varnishes from frost and make sure to store them in a cool and dry place. It is recommended to bring them into the engine room at least one hour before use, if possible. It is more difficult to remove cold, frozen ink, and it also takes more time to homogenize the components. Stir and shake the printing inks right before use. Cover them immediately after use to prevent them from drying out and to protect them from contamination.


UV protection should also be taken care of during sunnier winter days, as it is not only important in summer. Applying proper window shades in the areas of storage and use of paints help a lot in preventing problems caused by sunlight.

All the above information complemented by our experience; in order to maintain the proper texture and shelf life of the products, the storage temperature must be at least 5 °C during winter and below 30 °C in summer.

Having thorough knowledge about the products we use, and the physical features of our warehouse, will enable us to work with them in the most professional way.