Compact and powerful tabletop sealer for heavy duty

Audion is proud to present their new ISM range. The Industrial Sealer Magneta is a compact and powerful tabletop sealer for heavy-duty and intensive use.

The ISM sealers are available in three different sizes (420, 620 and 1020) and in epoxy or stainless steel version (ISMS). The machine is standard equipped with foot operation and a very easy-to-use digital control panel.

The powerful bi-active seal bars seal ready-made-bags or tubular film with a reliable 5 mm seal and an optional knife is able to remove the spare film above the seal when needed. For customers that use tubular film to create flexible bag sizes, an optional Rolloflux and Polylock are available. The knife option can be used to create the required bag size. 

The ISM(S) is an ideal solution for the food and parts industry that needs a reliable seal combined with a machine that will perform on a heavy-duty base. 

Important ISM(S) features:

  • Powerful bi-active sealing bars which allow you to seal almost all modern film materials
  • Industrial sealwire tensioners ensure an excellent seal performance
  • Activation by electrical foot operation
  • Seal bars are driven by an electromotor therefore no external air pressure is required
  • Magnet-closure: sealing arm remains automatically closed during sealing and cooling
  • User-friendly digital operation panel for programming the sealing and cooling time


Watch below ISM video!