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PBSC's Mechanical Seal Door HC-MSD

PBSC’s high containment APR doors create a dependable airtight barrier by using a strong but flexible seal that is compressed against the doorframe. Manual compression of the seal doesn’t require compressed air, thus providing a fail-safe seal in the event of a power failure.

Mechanical seal door sets are applicable for all containment applications, both stainless-steel or machined HPL door leaves are available, both door leaves are tested to 2500PA (10” W.G.). The door set can be linked to an access control system if required.

An easy use stainless steel arm is used to compress the combed edge of the frame against the seal. The mechanical mechanism is mounted in the door frame, minimising door weight and improving maintenance.

Operation of the door is a simple one-handed manoeuvre available on either side of the door.


  • Easy One-handed operation, with 3-point compression
  • Mechanism is mounted in the door frame for more robust design
  • Stainless steel or solid core door HPL leaf
  • Flush glazing to both sides of the door leaf
  • Configurable button sets and LED indicators
  • Robust, fail-safe design
  • Low maintenance
  • Fail-safe seal