Remote inspection of Anilox rollers: with AniloxStrip

Are your anilox rollers no longer performing as expected, the properties of the print no longer match the original parameters of the cylinder? Can it regain its functional capacity during a deep cleaning or is it so worn that it needs to be replaced?

These questions can be answered with Zecher's AiloxStrip service, without having to transport the cylinders or buy expensive instruments. Instead of transporting the expensive and fragile aniloxes for an inspection, we take a fingerprint of the surface of the roller which is than subjected to laboratory testing. The tool used for copying, the Anilox Strip, is a soft metal foil attached to a label, during the process this is pressed onto the surface of the anilox causing the metal to take on the shape of the structure of the cells and walls. The samples are then evaluated in Zecher's laboratory to determine the exact wear and surface condition of the cylinder.